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Renewal, conditioning and analysing the condition of batterries of electric vehicles, e-bikes, scooters, disabled vehicles, Segways and electric lawn mowers.

It's time to charge your batteries, that you put away in autumn!

Bionx, Bird, Bosch, Bulls Greenmover, KTM, Pegasus, Flyer, Wayscral, SEGWAY

If your vehicle has more than one acidic battery, please replace all of them, even if you think only one of them is bad, due to the voltages.

These batteries are equally used, even if only one of them seems to be bad (just think about it: you used them together, for the equal amount of time). If you replace only one of them, it is like if you replace only one of the brake pads on your car. In conclusion, your old weak batteries will put more pressure on the new one, and if they are connected in a series it won't get sufficient charge.  This will ruin your new batteries fastly , and because it doesn't count as proper use, the guarantee does not apply in this case!

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